Santa Claus Real or Fake?

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Has anyone ever just flat out told their kids Santa wasn't real? What do you say to kids who want to know if he is really?

I'm only asking because I have two 7 years who are 20 questioning me about him. I sort of feel like I am lying to them when I say he is real.


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When I asked my mom she had told me the story about St. Nick, maybe it is time I tell my boys.

They do know its not all about present. Matter of fact my one son says he loves this time of year because he spends it with family he doesn't get to see very much. They do understand that it is a time for giving not getting, they always take their own money and buy present for their dad and I, plus donate old toys and clothes to our cub scout pack.

Dove - posted on 12/10/2012




We don't do Santa. Never have, never will. My kids know the true story of St. Nick and that is where the story of Santa Claus came from. Santa is the 'spirit' of giving. Our focus for the season is celebrating Jesus' birth (and yes, I'm well aware that Jesus wasn't really born anywhere near December 25) and spending time w/ family.

S. - posted on 12/10/2012




I really think it depends on the family's, i've never said "he's real" I've always said things like "belive what you want to belive" and "well if I'm meant to bring your present, who is it that brings mine?" I still say that now to my 13 year old who obviously Doesn't belive and she thinks I'm a little mad lol but it's a bit of fun. I also have a 2&4 year old and I love the magic of Santa. I'm gonna say daft things like "Santa's coming" even when they all have kids of there own :)

I know pleanty of families that have neve done Santa and there kids arnt any worse off for it and I know a lady that told her child the truth when asked and the child said " I know he's not real but I'm going up belive in him anyway.

If you decide to tell them the truth just make sure you stress how important it is not to tell others.

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