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Karina - posted on 09/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




About two months ago my daughter's dry scalp really started to show. It reached a point where it looked like crocodile skin because I was so afraid to take it out. A woman told me that I shouldn't be afraid, it was only normal for babies to have it. She recommended me to put baby oil on her head and to comb out the dry scalp once the head was moistened. I listened and as a result to that my daughter now has two different colors on her head. She is a mixed baby so imagine, my little caramel munchkin with a lighter shade on her head! What do I do? Will it go away? Will it fade out when her hair really starts to grow? I NEED YOUR HELP MOMMIES!


Iridescent - posted on 09/29/2010




There are two types of hair a baby has, and it can be really confusing. They have the hair they were born with, which is very fine generally, thin, delicate. As they get older (a couple weeks to a few months old) that hair often falls out and coarser hair replaces it, sometimes a completely different color, texture, type - curly vs straight, etc. All you can do is let it grow. Eventually it will be all the newer type in most kids.

In regards to the scalp care, you did the right thing. Baby or olive oil put on with a cotton cap for about an hour prior to bathtime (between once per week and daily, any is fine), then during the bath when you wash hair use Head and Shoulders or another dandruff shampoo, lather it, and scrub with little circles with the baby brush. They are quite soft, and keep the oil glands in the scalp open and the skin hydrated, as well as remove dead skin to prevent cradle cap. If you bathe daily, pat dry after the bath and put a very non-irritating lotion on (the only two we were told to use were VaniCream and Cetaphil, all others have irritants).


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Amanda - posted on 09/29/2010




My son had really bad dry scalp when he was a couple months old and a friend of mine recommended washing his hair with Head & Shoulders. It cleared it up really well. My mother also used the baby oil on my sisters when they were growing up. Hope it helps!!

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