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I just found out that I am pregnant with my second. I am absoultely terrified. I'm scared to have 2 kids - to be able to be a great mom to the first and take care of the second. I'm scared about being able to manage my life - groceries, cooking, taking care of the dog/cat, keeping the house clean, etc. I'm just really worried right now. This is weird to me since during my first pregnancy I was just SO happy to be pregnant. In fact, I loved being pregnat - looked good and felt good.
I think i'm a little emotional too, as I was smoking until I took my pregnancy test 2 days ago, and quite cold turkey. I miss it SO SO SO much. Advice please. xoxo


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Hi I remmember when i knew i was pregnant the second time , i planed for the second baby but i was scared as well because people kept saying thats hard , why you you did that to your self and these things , believe me its not that hard ! I love it , i love being a busy mom taking care of my kids , my husband , my home so dont worry you'll be just fine .

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Congrats on losing the cigarettes!!! It is great that you quit, the carcinogens stay on your clothes, in your hair, and even on your skin until you shower after smoking. Even if you are not smoking around your current little one, those harmful chemicals are still getting into his or her delicate little lungs.

I know quitting can be stressful and make you feel crazy, but stick with it. The physical withdrawal symptoms only last for 14 days, after that, it is only the habit you have to break.

I don't have two kids, I know I wasn't meant for two, so I can't give you any tips there, but the moms I know who do have two kids usually manage pretty well. Just live healthily so you have lots of energy.

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