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Is anyone else scared? How are you coping with the media surge against us with measles outbreak? I heard of a parent ending a friendship with an unvax friend...


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/01/2015




No I am not scared. My children are vaccinated and so am I. I am certainly upset though that parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children for no reason at all. Just because they don't want to, or they are scared to. Why? Because they have no true education about the immune system and how vaccinations work. Soooooo.....they are fearful to get vaccinations, but are spreading deadly diseases that are preventable.

Michelle - posted on 02/01/2015




I agree with Jodi. If your child is in the very small percentage that can't have the vaccines then you have nothing to be scared about but if it's you personal choice then you need to deal with it.
It was an unvaccinated child that started the whole mess.

Jodi - posted on 02/01/2015




Why are you scared? Because you don't vaccinate? I guess it depends on why you don't vaccinate.....there are very few reasons not to, but if your child can't be vaccinated for some reason, then you shouldn't be concerned. If, however, you start going on about personal choice, well, it does actually stop being a personal choice when other people are affected, so that's a big part of the issue. You are not affected by the choice of others to choose to vaccinate, but others are affected by your choice not to. They have a right to an opinion about that.

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