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Cheree - posted on 03/10/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am sitting here in soaked jeans after giving Dahlia a bath,she freaked out in the tub for the second time now,she is DEATHLY afraid of loose wet hairs.I made sure to get them all out but she did not believe me.It sounds silly but its not,she turns bright red and shakes and screams uncontrollably,I tried researching online to see if it was common but i cannot find anything on it.This is so frustrating to me because i do not want her to be scared of something so silly and i am so concerned because its not normal.I am about to call the pediatrician because i am just baffled.She has the same reaction to bugs,just as most little girls are,but its different..its not just running away and a little squeal,its true fear you can see in her eyes and hear in her voice and Its not normal,i have never seen her like this!Moms if you have any input on this please feel free to put in your two cents,i do not know how to make her realize that these things are nothing to be afraid of.


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April - posted on 03/10/2011




My daughter used to be afraid of bugs, badly. Whenever she saw one she would scream one of those high-pitched ear-splitting screams and started to cry until it was removed. To try to stop her from being afraid of bugs, i began to pick whatever it was up and put it in my hand and show her i wasn't afraid of it. I kept doing this until one day she just stopped being afraid. Now when she see's a bug she just scrunches up her face and says "ew!" then walks away. She's two now.

You said your daughter is afraid of loose hairs? and bugs? So i'm thinking maybe in her eyes those loose hairs look like a living thing to her, maybe like a bug. She see's it "swimming" around the tub so she thinks it's alive and might bite her maybe? i'm not an expert but that could be a reason.

It's better to get some professional help. So you know exactly what may be wrong with your little girl. Best of luck and i hope you find a solution.

Cheree - posted on 03/10/2011




it is for sure the wet hairs,its not the wet hair on her head..its the loose wet hairs

Marcy - posted on 03/10/2011




Is it the loose wet hair or the fact that you are pouring water on her head? Maybe they don't feel god on her skin when they are wet and hanging down. I think that there is something going on besides the obvious. Why not try and see if you can wash her hair outside of the tub? You could also take an old hat and cut out the top of th ehat so it fits around her head. This way the lose hairs stay off her face. Just some thoughts. My son has some quirky things like he always has to put his pajama bottoms on first. For the longest time I kept thinking to myself this is so weird. Then I asked him why and he said that he didn't like to have to pull his top out when he put his pj bottoms on after the shirt. maeks sense to me. Change it up for her and see if it works. Good luck.

Livia - posted on 03/10/2011




hi i have 2 children myself seeking professional advise is always the best but my thought was phobis you know you said bugs as well it sounds like things that crawel or move the hair in the bath well it may feel frekky to her have you tryed a shower cap or i use glad wrap around my daughters her when i do head lice but she thinks it's like going to the hair dresses ... this may help for the cleaning and one or two drops of blue food colour my son hated baths so bath tricks are great for me the colour wnon't stain either ... lol

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