Scared, Confused and Don't Know what to do! Need ADVICE-Domestic Violence.

Ashley - posted on 06/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been on and off with this guy for a few years now, in the beginning of the relationship for the first 6 months we would go out and party and drink a lot then things started getting crazy. He would get drunk and then eventually get upset about something and I would end up getting drug up stairs, choked out, thrown around and end up with extremely deep bruises each time the next day. I had never been in a relationship ever like this so I thought that it was a problem with the drinking. Only happened when he would drink too much. So I would forgive and forget each time and say to myself i'm sure he wont do it again evenn though it happened over and over again, eventually I left (for almost a year) and then he seemed to be doing better and was not angry or violent anymore. But during the time I left him I became pregnant with another man's child. I moved back in with the ex who I thought had changed literally the day before my baby was born. He seemed to support me, and was there for me when she was born and always said he loved me and he was a different person never had anger problems anymore etc. Things were good for months and months now it seems to be going down the same path again. It started one night when he got drunk with his friends while my daughter and I were home asleep he stormed in and began flipping out on me over the "baby daddy" and how I am nothing but a worthless slut opening my legs to every guy. ETC he choked me threw things everywhere then my daughter woke up from all of the yelling I grabbed her things and went to leave until he grabbed my baby from me and wouldn't let me have her. Needless to say to police were called though I did not file charges. I was terrified and thought to myself "there is no way this is it I'm done." Until the next day came and he was "SO SORRY" never again, well things got tense a few more times luckily when my daughter was not around and the police were called once again by a neighbor. Charges were pressed this time and I am seriously considering leaving this time now that I sold everything I own so I could get into my own place. But I am having a very very hard time actually leaving. He is acting so nice and says he will never do anything again and walk away especially now because he can't afford another police incident. I am worried, do I take a chance and leave? I feel torn I am so upset and scared about leaving. My insides are fighting. I don't want to leave him but I do for my daughter's sake. I NEED SOME HELP and SERIOUS advice. I don't know how I am going to do it. What is wrong with me? Why am I scared? AND why do I keep forgiving and forgetting about it until the next time? Why Do I feel bad for leaving him with the house all high and dry?


Marbell - posted on 06/13/2013




i am so sorry you are going through this girl but keep your head up. you need to leave him and move on with your life your baby and you are way more important then that life with him. he will continue to be sorry and eventually do it again its going to be a continuing rollercoaster over and over until you break the chain. be strong is not easy but it is possible. think of your daughter's health and future, you wouldnt want him to hurt her or for her to end up in a relatonship like that its not okay. when you think of the pain and how you miss him say to your self it hurts now but it will get better many women did it i could do it. but make sure you are honest with yourself. noone cant help you if your not been honest with yourself ask yourself the questions and answer them honesltly to your self with no fear of your own self. look at your child and get the courage, be selfish and live life with not pain, or hurt. ask family or friends for help the least person will give you a hand. good luck

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