Scared for my childrens safety.

Ann - posted on 05/12/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My stepson just turned 12 and has been seeing a psychiatrist for months now with no results of his problems. He was diagnosed with ADD, ODD and another I can't remember and is currently taking Ritalin and Risperdal daily for his ADD and his violent outbursts. He has already pushed my daughter in front of a car stating he wanted to hurt her and didn't care if she died, he violently attacked my son for no reason, he has swung his fists at my 1 year old son and my 3 year old neice. He makes up lies about all of us all the time and recently he has started swinging his fists at anyone that touches him. By touching I mean his buddy from school patted him on the shoulder and said hey buddy and his grandmother gave him a hug and he swung at both of them. He has this issue where he licks and picks at his face around his mouth and tears it up to where he gets staff infection frequently. We have taken him to numerous doctors over this and 2 child dermatologist who say there is nothing wrong with his skin, its him doing it himself. Just today I took a big drink of the Koolaid in the fridge and swollowed bleach. There was so much bleach in it that it took away my breath and when I poured it out, there was white thick liquid swirled on the bottom that smelled of pure bleach. He claims he did not do it but he was the one that made the Koolaid and hasn't drank any of it. My other children would have no reason to do this and he is always doing something to "get back at us" for punishing him. His grades are terrible in school, his attitude is awful, he urinates all over the walls and floors of the bathroom because he doesn't want to "hold his badspot" when he goes. What do I do? I am afraid of what he may do next and my husband thinks I am over reacting.


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I deffinately think that your step son needs some serious in patient care. It could have been one of your kids that got the bleach koolaid and gotten really sick because you didnt realize it was poisoned. He seems like a seriously disturbed child and i would not want my small children around him when he obviously has no regard for their safety. If your husband does not understand that i would take the little ones and go away for a bit and let him deal with his son on his own and he can see how bad he is without any one else getting injured. I think if you do not stop this child's behavior now while he is still kind of young he could grow into a seriously disturbed adult and hurt or even kill someone

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I do not think your over reacting at all. He could seriously injure if not kill someone and your husband is not worried? I would be having him removed for inpatient care or I would be taking my children and leaving. None of that behavior is acceptable under any circumstances.


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Thanks ladies for the advice and not thinking I'm crazy. Everyone seems to think I am making this stuff up just to "get rid of him" but I am seriously trying to help him but he won't open up and tell us anything. He won't even tell the psychiatrist anything. I've tried to tell my husband to call the insurance company and see how we go about having him admitted to inpatient care so they can try and figure out what the problem is but he just makes up excuses for his behavior and says I'm crazier then he is. This is taking a serious toll on our marriage. I guess I'm going to have to go behind his back and call myself and see what I can do but I don't know if that will work since he has custody of him and I have nothing legal over him. I don't want to have to pack up my kids and leave but everytime we seem to be making progress with him, he takes another turn for the worse. It's really wearing me down and my nerves are totally shot worrying about my kids and whether my marriage and family will survive this.

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I can't imagine how you must feel but contact your insurance company and try to have him admitted for a short inpatient stay where he can be properly evaluated.

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