Scared my daughter is not getting enough nutrition

Reecia Lynch - posted on 04/27/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




She refuses any type of solid foods and only wants to be breastfed! Any suggestions on what I can do to change her eating habits?


Dove - posted on 04/27/2015




The good thing about breast milk is that it is full of nutrition and calories. 'Should' she be eating some other foods by now? Yes... but there are quite a few kids that don't fall into the category of what they 'should' be doing... and they are just fine. Offer her foods several times during the day when YOU are eating... offering her some of your food is 'usually' something that most toddlers will take to easier than being given their 'own' food (even when it's the same food). Offering her food before the breast when she is really hungry 'might' do the trick, but it can also just make her too upset to eat AND too upset to breastfeed.

Does she take ANY solids at all and it just seems like she only breastfeeds? Or does she really only take breast milk? My son was much, much more interested in nursing than eating still at her age, but he was usually eating solids once or twice a day as well.


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Sarah - posted on 04/27/2015




Keep offering a simple variety of table foods that she can manage before you nurse her. If she is super hungry she may be too frustrated to try the solid foods. If that is the case, offer her a little breastmilk in a cup to take the edge off her appetite. Even if she just eats a few bites, that's a success. Then you can let her nurse after her meal. Try to time meals for when she is well rested and not super hungry.
Does she eat any solids at all? When did you start baby food? At one she should be able to self feed quite a bit but for things she needs to be fed, it may go more smoothly if someone other than you does the feeding. Once she sees you she may get so focused on breastfeeding that any attempt at a meal, goes out the window.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/27/2015



3058 old is she? Solids are often started around 6 months. It is just really for practice though, and they should be receiving the bulk of their nutrition from breast milk, or formula.

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