Scared of public bathrooms..? :S

Charlotte - posted on 06/22/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




my 2 year old daughter Storie, has developed a fear of public restrooms. i am unsure of how this fear developed, but i sure makes diaper changes and hand washing a challenge when i take her around town. iv tryed different places restaurants, malls, even the pool! i try talking to her calmly, explaining where we are and what we have to do. she'll freakout and grab the door handle, drag me out, or hang on to the doorframe. i cant change her in public and i have no car either. this has been a huge challenge, even some experienced parents havent heard of this. can anyone give me some pointers or suggestions?


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I made using public restrooms something super fun for my daughters since they were really little. Every time we go to a new place we have to go check out the bathroom and see how it's different from other bathrooms. It's really like a game to them. We also like to flush a toilet and remember what places have the loudest flushes, which ones have the quietest flushes, which ones are automatic and which ones aren't - stuff like that. It makes everything more like a game and my kids love it. Maybe you could try something like that?


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Erica - posted on 06/22/2011




I have a neice who was afraid of public bathrooms until she was 9 or 10. The toilets in there flush unexpectedly and LOUDLY. She would make my sister go in and put her hand over the "eye" sensor so it wouldn't flush. Even though she's still in diapers, maybe your daughter is bothered by the loud flushing, or maybe by the fact that it's always echo-y in bathrooms, or maybe it's because they smell weird.

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My daughter has the same problem. It's the toilets. They are loud. I have to put her on the potty to pee, then let her leave the restroom while I flush. And even then she cries the whole time she pees.

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Have you brought a folding potty chair or her potty chair? Is she fully potty trained? Sometimes if they aren't they get scared. But I think if you bring something familiar she will go....

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