scared that i am going to die giving birth to my first

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im 16 years old with my first pregnancy. i am 38 weeks and being induced on tuesday due to pre-term labor problems i had earlier. i have heard about inductions rasing risks higher and i also am a free bleeder and whether i have to have an emergency c section or vaginal birth im terrified that i will bleed to death or die from other complications from labor or afterwards. can someone please tell me their first time birth experience and reassure me please?


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You're not in the Stone Ages here. Medicine has come a long way. It is now Friday so I am guessing you are a new mom. Welcome. Now things will really get interesting for you. Best of luck.

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You will be fine. Your midwife and any assisting doctors will be aware of your medical history and will be with you 100% of the way. They will know what to look out for and how to deal with any complications.

Apart from my son being preemie my first labor and delivery went pretty smoothly. I had an uncomfortable niggle in my back for about 4 hrs and he was born within 20 mins of my waters breaking.

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If it helps any at all, most first time mothers worry about the same thing. I had my first when I was 24 years old and I was terrified! It's very natural to feel this way.

My first time, I was induced. I personally didn't have a great experience with it but then again, every woman is different and every delivery is not going to be the same. I was induced because my water broke a week and a half early and they didn't have a choice but to do it. I ended up having to have an epidural and yes I did have my daughter vaginally. But on the funny side, I did end up pooping on the bed because of being in labor. Wasn't funny at the time but it's pretty funny now.

Just try to relax as much as possible before the day comes. You are going to need the rest.

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You poor thing. I was induced with both of my babies and I survived just fine. Your medical team will be right there with you and I assume they are aware of your bleeding problems so they'll be on the ball for any potential dangers. Stay strong my love and you will soon have one of the greatest experiences of your life. When you see your little baby for the first time all of your fear and pain will be forgotten.

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