scared to go to bed!!!

Amanda - posted on 03/30/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 4 yrs old...we have just moved to a new apartment and his room is down stairs with his our old apartment his room was right next to ours that we could walk from our room right into his room but now we have to go all the way down stairs (which is not that far only about 14 steps) but he is scared to sleep down there we have to stay down there till he falls asleep and then half way through the night he wakes up and is calling out all night and crying and coming up the stairs to sleep in our bed and I just don't know what to do, does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? any advice is very much appreciated, thank u :)


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Holly - posted on 03/31/2011




try giving him a flash lite and have him use it to be a nite monster hunter have him check the room's when the lights are out and make a game of it even let him sleep with the flash lite. start haveing him nap in there first

Amanda - posted on 03/30/2011




no he has not co slept before and he has a lot of teddys and sleeps with a new one everynight...his room is deffinatly a space that he has created also, he has everything that he has asked for like his own bedding and pictures on the wall but maybe a bear just for night time would help thank u guys for ur input :)

Bonnie - posted on 03/30/2011




I think it sounds like he was just use to having his room near yours and now it is on a different level. Moving is a big deal for kids in general. He will grow out of it if that is the reason. My boys did.

Louise - posted on 03/30/2011




Has he co sleeped with you before or is this something new? If it is something new then you could stop this with buying him a teddy to keep him safe at night. Tell him that this is night time bear and when he is asleep he will keep him company so when he wakes in the night give him the bear and encourage him to stay in his bed. It is very very difficult to break the habbit of co sleeping. It will get better when he feels more comfortable in his own room. Make sure it is a nice place for him to be. Nice and bright and friendly looking. Let him have a say in what sort of duvet cover he has and things like that. If he likes his room he is more likely to stay in his room.

Moving house is a big upheaval in a childs life so make some allowances for him. Just try to be firm but fair so he does not make it a habbit.

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