Scary Lying 12 Year Old Girl.

Monique - posted on 08/08/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a Beautiful Niece. My niece lives with her Grandparents on the fathers side due to my sister and partner losing themselves in drugs. my Niece is 12 now and has lived with them since 12 months old she has a half sister that also lives with her. she is a caring and lovely child, but does, like most girls, love the drama. I have always worried that she will be effected by the whole situation but up until 10 years old seemed like any other child. she started coming to me about then with stories of her nan hitting her, these soon escalated into stories of terrible things happening, like someone trying to kidnap her, her friend taking drugs, her pets dying, she would always act so scared and sad that i had no reason to not believe her at first I tried talking to someone about it and they needed more info, the more I talked with my niece the more her stories didn't add up. when my partner pointed out how she seemed to love the attention, I stepped back and alarm bells went off that something's wrong,. I am a mother myself I have a boy who is now 7, we allways have her on the holidays and do lots together, her mum will sometimes come too. when she is unhappy or sometimes just board she will create drama, we go to the zoo, when she is finished or my son wants to see something different she all of a sudden feels sick, hurts her ankle, has an athsma attack. I would then sit with her while everyone else enjoyed the day, but when it was time to go she is fine. recently the lies have gotten beyond me, she told me 3 nights ago that she has been cutting herself. I asked her to show me and via email she sent me a picture. its was blurry but looked real. since I knew she was away for the weekend I thought its a good time to talk to her Nan. even though i had promised i wouldn't tell on her, this was too serous
I showed the Pic and in tears told her everything. her nan said that other than normal attitude she hadn't noticed anything different but seeing the pic checked my nieces arms when she got home ... her wrists were clear.
I need help, my niece tells me these terrible lies and I don't know why and how to stop it. i love her and we have always been close. I have tried talking to her she gets angry and cries saying im judging her. her mum doesn't help and her nan thinks its no big deal. that leaves me. any advice would be helpful. I want to teach her its wrong to lie, I want a smile on her face and i want to understand why she is doing this so I can help.


Raye - posted on 08/10/2015




You should discuss with her grandparents about getting her into counseling. Whether the things she says are really happening or they're lies... both situations are not good. She needs to get to the root of the problems and try to find a more constructive way of dealing with the issues.

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