Scary Solids!

Molly - posted on 12/16/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




First time mom here! My Lil guy is about to hit six months and I am really confused on how to start solids. He has been exclusively breastfed up to this point. Do I nurse him first and then offer some cereal? Or nurse him after the cereal is offered? I was going to start with rice cereal for a week or so until he gets the hang of things and then switch to oatmeal because I heard rice cereal is very constipating. Should i be giving him some water too now with the solids? Any advice is welcomed because I am lost!


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Pradnya - posted on 12/19/2013




Hey hi Molly , i was so so there few months back ....had lot of questions n worries . now my little one is around 9 months . Rice is easy on baby s stomach so i started with rice. I first breastfeeded her and then after an hr gave solids. it is usually adviced to start solids as the first meal of the day since ur child is most hungry at that time and accepts it readily. I Started with 1 spoon per day and went up to 5 spoons within a weeks time . Very slowly and within 2 to 3months i reached 4 feeds a day . I started boiled cooled water about 5 spoons after every solid feed prevent constipation .. Please follow babies lead if ur little one refuses to eat try again later at another time when ur lil guy is happy . . yes needless to mention it will be messy ....ha ha . it still is for me . may god bless u and ur little guy .
here are some links i personally like Dr sears approach the most

Carrie - posted on 12/17/2013




When we started solids with our two boys we started solids 2 times a day. Usually around 9am and 6pm. Once they got used to it we would add a time in between as well. I was using bottles by this time and I would give them a half bottle before the cereal just so they weren't trying to scarf the food down because they were so hungry. With breast feeding maybe nurse half as long or if you're interested in it it might be a great time to start trying a bottle. I was never able to breastfeed...both my boys were preemies and took to the bottle better but i did pump for 9 month with both of them so you could always try breast milk in a bottle. Just remember to only introduce one new solid every few days. If a food allergy occurs it will help you narrow down the suspects.

Sheila - posted on 12/16/2013




After I had my daughter I breastfed her until my milk dried up which was about when she was 7 months old. When introducing solids to her I started with a banana. chopped it into fine small pieces so she could not chock on them but big enough she was okay with it. it takes a couple of times of showing them solid food before they catch on. put a piece or so in front of him and see if he will pick it up and eat it. The other trick i had to do with my daughter was I would take a bite of what she was eating a tiny bite just to show her it was okay. then she would follow. Just a couple of things you can try to help you little guy out.

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