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Hi all, this is the first time iv ever posted anything like this...

My 2 year old daughter came home from school with a scram looking mark and a bit of a raise around her eye ( my partner picked her up and he said he didn't notice until they got to the car )
I phoned the nursery straight away and asked about her eye and they said;

Aw sorry we forgot to say they were playing with balls of different textures and it hit her know the face. She didn't cry and we put a cold compressed on it and she was fine.

I'm concerned if that's what actually happen?
Why didn't they remember to inform us or tell us they used first aid on my daughter?
How can a ball cause a scram mark and raised eye that bad?
When we asked her the first time she said she fell over but she's 2 ?

Olivia is my first child and I'm feeling pretty new to all this!
She has her end of term party tomorrow and I don't want to take her.....

I manager a gymnastics for all training centre for ages 0-adults and if anything like this happens we fill in a incident report book and speak to the parents at the end of the session or call them if needed. The session class has 3 workers and 7 kids I don't understand why they did think to speak or call us?

Please can you give me some advise? I dot want to take her back there?!

Thank you very much in advance :)


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I would go in and speak to the head director concerning the issue and that you feel that your child is not getting adequate care due to no incident report being filed, no one calling you concerning the need for her care. That all of this has put their facility in a bad light when it comes to the care of children. That you also feel since there was no incident report filed to your knowledge and no call that you feel that there may be child abuse. If they try to give you the run around tell them that if they do not rectify the issue and find out what is going on that you will call the department of children services to look into the possibility of child abuse in their facility. I guarantee you the director will then look into it rather than have their facility closed.

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