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My son is in the first grade we get 26 words a week which is stressful...I am having him spell the words he misses and he still gets them wrong on the pre test I also let him review them before we start I am at a loss I feel like I'm failing him as a mom also he has adhd and by the time I get off work and get home cooking dinner the medication has worn off....please help


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Try a more physical activity:
Put a thin layer of sand or salt into a rectangular baking pan and let him spell the words in the sand with his fingers. The physical outlet and sensory stimulation will help his mind stay more focused on the mental part of the task.
Let him spell the words on a piece of bred in peanut butter (if he isn't allergic).
Give him a couple sets of magnetic letters (you need 2 or 3 sets so you have enough letters) and have him spell the words on the refrigerator, a cookie sheet, or other metal surface.
Give him a set of large letters to put on the floor (cut them out of cardboard for a cheap solution, or you can buy them at a craft store). Have him spell the words by arranging the letters on the floor.

For all of these activities, once he has spelled the word correctly in writing or by arranging letters, have him spell it out loud to you. Try to turn the letters into a little song, or separate the letters by syllable. The rhythm will help him hear the spelling in his head when he sits down to write it for the test. Make sure the "song" you make up, doesn't go much faster than he writes, because he might skip letters.

When coming up with your own activities for him, try to stimulate as many senses as possible--visual, audio, and touch. Memory is linked to our senses, the more that are stimulated when creating a memory, the more easily the memory can be called up when needed.

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