School conflict - what do you do?

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I M looking for some advice regarding my 7 year old son in Year 2. My son has been teased for 3 years regarding his size, he is almost 5 foot and very solid. Normally he walks away from conflict and does not let it bother him but recently the boy that has teased him for years punched him square in the face and then in the back. I approached the school to basically have the situation dismissed as the boy that punched him has Social Issues. Not only that his grandmother works at the school also.
I am at a loss as to what to do now as the teacher try's to avoid me now and I don't seem to be able to get any satisfaction. Can anyone give me any advice as to where I can from here as I am not happy with the outcome??


Brittany - posted on 03/24/2014




I recommend talking to the principal again about what's being done for the bully? For instance maybe the other kid has issues that a guidance counselor can help with.If the problem is addressed the proper way by the school after you inquire maybe it won't happen again. In high school I stood up against bullying and it had to go as far as the school board because even the vice principal was acting out of line.the school was in the paper and everything.Its never easy but in school children are supposed to have a good learning environment and if these issues are ignored it's not a good environment. They can't sweep you to the side and dismiss it simply because the child that's bullying has family in the school. You and your child have the right to stand up for the situation. Try asking what's being done and see if it happens again. If it does and they have done nothing express to them that it's a concern for all children and their environment should teach tolerance as well as respect for different human circumstances. Maybe the child is learning it from someone doing it to them.they should be concerned also for the child who is doing the bullying as it can be that the child is having difficulty themself.


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Hi Jen,

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I work 4 days a week + full time carer for my mother in law so I do not have a lot of time to volunteer at the school. I agree with you though, would be great to get involved with other parents.

My son did not react but I am worried that one day he might, he is a very gentle boy with a heart of gold but one day enough will be enough. The principal told him that if he did ever retaliate he would be suspended so it has put fear into him which is very sad, especially since the child that punched him is still at the School and did not get reprimanded because of his Social behaviour and that reason "he would not understand"

It is cruel at School these days and it breaks my heart so see my boy so upset. Seems so much harder to be socially accepted also.

Jen - posted on 03/24/2014




Hi Vanessa,
As you know, kids can be mean. Your son could be the same height as everyone else, but have something else that a bully would find easy to make fun of. All through grade school (especially 1st - 3rd) I got teased because of my last name. I was too shy to stand up for myself. I finally did get some courage, thank goodness. Around 4th grade, when a boy would say something he thought was funny about my last name, I replied either with "what's so great about (his last name)?" If I was teased so that others would hear it, I would even be mean back (sorry to admit) and say "well at least I don't have that big nose of yours" / big mouth of yours / buck-teeth, etc. (anything to get the group to laugh and to end the teasing of me!)

A bully loves it when the person they are hurting reacts. I am sorry that your son has to deal with this boy. That kid is lucky your son did not react, or he would have been hurt much worse than your son. Do you have any time to spare? If so, you could volunteer around the school. You'll be doing the school a big favor and you will make friends with other moms/dads/teachers/school staff... that goes a long way. Let me know what you think about all this.

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