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Erica - posted on 01/04/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




Our school has a wellness policy so no candy is aloud to be sold. We are trying to figure out a fundraiser we can sell at the school. We do carnival in the fall and a selling fundraiser in the spring, but dont know what to do. Any suggestions would be great!!!!


Vickie - posted on 01/15/2011




Pancake breakfast, You can get the pancake mix for free. or ask for donations.
clothes & accessories with school logos again ask for free printing.
If you don't want to work for it you really don't have to. Just ask corporate sponsors for $$$. They are willing to give tax deductible donations. Set a goal. Be specific let them know what the money is for and how it will be spent. Send letters. make phone calls. and follow up visits. Have your 501c3 number. If you are a non-profit.

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Jeanette - posted on 10/11/2012




Hi Erica,

There are so many fundraisers out there but Not many that require little work and are actually fun! However, 2400Degrees is trying to change that. 2400 degrees F is a Murano Glass Jewelry Line. We have a store in Mystic, CT however our core business is Fundraising. We have recently taken the avenue of Virtual Fundraising where a group of women can go online and shop for the cause, when they are ready to check out they use an assigned code for their cause or charity in the shopping cart which then allocates 20% of gross sales to go right back to their cause! It's very simple and easy. We just raised $250 for a children's soccer team in Long Island through a virtual fundraiser. This is the short version. You can call or email me anytime to have a Fundraising event.

cell (860)856-1928

The more detailed version if you are still interested is:

How to Begin a Virtual Fundraiser:

After the Chairperson (the host of the event) selects a date & time, we send out an email invitation to the participants/supporters.

On that specified date and time the chairperson as well as each of the invited supporters logs into our website for the event through a specified link that connects everyone live. (if you want to use a webcam for it to be more interactive you can, that is up to each individual).

During the half hour Virtual Fundraising event, one of our representatives will give a brief live presentation of our site to everyone, including information about the products, how to browse the site and of course the chairperson or any other supporters can discuss the Cause.

The Best part is that after the supporters and the chairperson finishes their shopping they input a code in the shopping cart that then allocates 20% of the gross sales to go directly to the cause.

2400 Degrees F then sends a check to the chairperson for the cause as well as a detailed list of what everyone ordered, for accuracy. We ship each order individually to each person's home, so there is No extra work for anyone involved in the fundraiser.

Our jewelry is amazing in person!! All of the glass is imported from Murano Italy, we create and design all of the jewelry in our studio in East Haddam, CT adding in Swarovski crystals and .925 sterling silver.

Our website is

Kari - posted on 01/15/2012




We worked with a rep in Wildtree - an all natural food company. We got 20% of what we sold. It was great to sell something that is good for you! Our families loved it. Everything is shipped directly to the customer. Check out the website and contant her

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Well I dont know about the selling fundraiser but I know if you have a credit card from Target you could set it up to donate money to your school. I have my brothers school on mine. You should look it up. =)

[deleted account]

Does the school have uniforms or a strict dress code? Sell tickets to the kids to have a "free dress day." At the school I used to teach at the kids wore uniforms. We did several fundraisers this way and it was always a hit. The kids paid $1 to wear any shirt they wanted (within reason of course) and $1 to wear any bottoms they wanted. The school I attended in high school let us pay $1 to wear a hat to school. Kids love silly things like that and parents typically don't mind giving their child $1 to participate.

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Try The Popcorn Factory. I looked into them for one of our fundraisers and they are not too bad at all. Ultimately, we went to the Gold Canyon Candle sales and made a nice profit. Last year I was the National Jr. Honor Society sponsor and we were doing fundraisers every month.
Another profitable fundraiser was our Talent Show because we charged $1 per person admission or $5 max for the entire family that goes over 5 people. We also had a parent geneerously doinate 2 pair of baseball tickets for the Diamondbacks so we sold raffle tickets.
My NJHS kids also participated in Relay for Life, which benefits the American Cancer Society. We had a 1-day penny drive. We promoted it for a few weeks, and then we had kids with our yellow donation buckets, and we also went through the parent-pick-up line in the parking lot. Parents, faculty, kids were all so generous. In a 1-day drive, we were just under $400. We were amazed how many people just threw in large dollars into the bucket.
Good luck t you!

Jodi - posted on 01/15/2011




Our school does a walkathon each year. They walk X number of KM for sponsorship. It is a great healthy fundraising activity for the kids, and we also turn it into a community event by inviting parents to join in on the walk with their children.

Tyrae - posted on 01/15/2011




you can sell popcorn, it is much healthier than candy. or you can have a barbeque, or you could also have a 50/50 raffle for any sporting events, etc.

Ashley - posted on 01/15/2011




multi-family yard sale at the school??
at my elementary school we had people sign saying they would pay $2, $5, $10, + for every lap a child ran. but they only pay for the one child that gets their signature,

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