School holidays are here, how do I keep my girls happy for the next 5 weeks, as I don''t have alot of money.


Shelley - posted on 12/18/2008




Wow Ladies thank you for your replies, these have been helpfull a couple of you asked how old my girls are sarah is 7 and clare is 3 you have all given me some great advice wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Barbara - posted on 12/18/2008




You could also make scrapbooks with them. I am making one for each of my daughters and they are helping. At the end of each year I write a letter to each of them telling them about things they have done during the year and put in their scrapbooks along with pictures they have drawn. The girls help me put their books together during school breaks. We also have a craft box with all sorts of art supplies. Each of my daughters also have a box that they have decorated that they keep things in they want in their scrapbooks and we organize it during our breaks. We include everything from letters from Santa to stories they have written and pictures they have drawn.

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Check out local libraries, as they usually have free programs for children. Also local community/rec centres. In Ontario, we have a government sponsored program called "Early Years" is a sign-up program. They have activities everyday for different age groups (ex.story time, craft day, etc...)

Rebecca - posted on 12/18/2008




My son's school just sent home a sheet of paper for fun things to do during break I just copied and pasted it for you: Good LUCK!!

Bake together

Make a family book
o Write a story together and have your child draw the pictures

Make a collage by cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them to paper

Make paper chains
o Cut 1 inch strips of construction paper of all different colors and link the chains together by gluing the ends together to make rings

Have game night

Get a tray or cookie baking sheet out and “draw” using shaving cream

“Paint” the snow
o Put a little food coloring and water together in a squirt bottle or an empty dish soap bottle, and squirt it on the snow; you can make pictures in the snow

Blow bubbles outside when it’s below 32 degrees and they’ll freeze

Do Winter outside activities
o Make a snowman or build a fort or make snow angels or go sledding

Do a karaoke show
o Put on a CD with songs everyone knows and take turns singing or lip sinking on a “stage” with a fake microphone

Color or draw together

Trace your body on big sheets of paper; have everyone draw and color on the others’ bodies

Make playdough (2 cups flour, 2 cups water, 1 cup salt, 2 Tbls oil; 4 Tbls cream of tarter, food coloring – combine ingredients and cook over medium heat until the dough leaves the side of the pan. Cool a bit then knead until smooth. Store in a Ziploc bag.)

Make “freeze pops” by making lemonade or another juice and pouring them in ice cube trays – then put toothpicks/or short straws in the middle of each cube and freeze.

Paint rocks

Write a letter to a friend or family member and send it – decorate the envelop.

Play charades

Blow up a bunch of balloons and between everyone try to keep one in the air, then two, then three…see how many you can keep in the air without touching the ground.

Have a picnic on the living room floor for supper sometime – put out a blanket, pack a picnic basket, etc.

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I recently did a "movie" at home; rented/downloaded a good cartoon movie, even something they've seen before a long time ago, but a favourite. Invited 2 to 3 of their friends, made my own popcorn & laid out one or two more snacks. I made the room dark, like the movies, and they had a ball. It's the idea of having their friends over for a movie that really excited them for the entire day. :-) We made the popcorn together, set everything up together so all that becomes activities.

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christmas break was my mom's second least favorite time of the to summer break! she had 4 kids and we all got on her nerves on school breaks.

how old are your kids? ditto the others on free museums (lots of times kids get in free or at least cheap), art projects with stuff you have lying around the house. cut out snowflakes from paper, read books and "write" their own stories, visit family members (grandparents live close by?), or even volunteer at nursing homes or at pet shelters if your kids are old enough. cat welfare type places always need help feeding/scooping poop/just petting and playing with orphaned animals.

Shermaine - posted on 12/18/2008




Depending on ages. Have children think of a topic & write a book about it. Each day gets a new page or two. THINK carnival and gather cups, stack them and take turns tossing a ball to knock them down. Flip cups the other way and try to get one inside the cup. Camp inside your home. Use a table as a tent and throw a sheet over it. We have many picnics under ours. Go out for a walk as the sun goes down so you can see the houses that are decorated. I get all my craft ideas from items I don't need like: paper towel & toliet paper rolls(make binoculars-telescopes), cookie trays(gardens), cereal boxes(doll rooms,purses,walls,cars), gal water container(garden, space helmets). I can go on and on. I hope this helps.

Hannah - posted on 12/18/2008




Hi there! Depending on how young your girls are, approach a local business and ask for an extra large moving box, cut a door and windows in it and encourage your girls to decorate it.

Some newspaper companies have leftover rolls of butchers paper left over from printing that are very cheap to buy, and the possibilities there are endless, and also come in handy for kids parties, or painting out side. Just roll a big piece out, chop it off and let the kids go crazy with paint......another thing you can use the butcher's paper for is making kites. Have a look on the net for easy patterns for kite making, guaranteed your girls will love it, they can decorate them then have lots of fun getting them up in the air


Amanda - posted on 12/18/2008




Five weeks!?! Wow, around here it's two weeks off. Good luck. Is there a children's library nearby? Ours has a toy corner to play in, with easy chairs for the moms and a rack of great magazines. It also has books and computers and crafts. And quiet, wonderful, wonderful quiet. We also have a drop in centre here with lots for the kids to do. Try museums (really, they can be fun), or art galleries. If the girls are older, try going to an art gallery with some pencil crayons and pads of paper. Get the kids to draw their own versions of the paintings they see. Have fun!

Amanda - posted on 12/18/2008




Maybe check at your local library. If you live in New England we are going to have a lot of snow to play in.

Samantha - posted on 12/18/2008




Depending on where you live you can search to see if there are any free things going on in your area, I live in NYC and there is always something free to do. You can also do some arts and crafts go to your local book store/library and read some books. Buy a few board games that you can all play together. I'm sure there are other things I am just not thinking of right now.

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