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My seven year old is in grade two and struggling.I was very upset to find they were not even giving her grade two work all year because they felt she could not do it.So with out discussing anything with us they went ahead and were giving her grade one work all year.Now they want to fail her and make her repeat grade two.I want to home school a year to get her were she should be but my husband is totally against it.So I said well we will have to put her in special classes for the summer and really work with her to try and get her were she needs to be.I really am upset and just really dont know what to do.The School wont listen to me on anything I have to say or suggest.I even got a "we went to school and got and education in teaching.What makes you think you can do a better job." GRRRRRRR Any input would help me


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If your child is failing in school then you should work with the school to put this right. May be you have just got off to the wrong start. make an appointment to see your childs teacher and ask her why they have down graded your child without being informed and what are they going to do about it. Place the ball firmly in there court. Then tell them you are willing to do extention work with your daughter if they will supply it. Then ask your daughter how she feels about things. She might feel she wants to do the year again because she can't cope or she may want to work harder to stay away from that happening. An extra 20 minutes working with you every night should be all that is needed at 7 years old.

I think your school is at fault here and they should have kept you up to date but I agree with your husband pulling her out of school is not the answer, not only will this have a huge affect on her social life she will also feel that she has failed. Give her a chance to improve and make it clear to the school that you are a hands on mum and you are willing to put the work in to bring her up to standards.

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