Screaming 2 year old

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My 2 year old daughter screams over everything and anything and anywhere... How do I make it stop.?!


Ariana - posted on 04/06/2014




You could try to have some deep breathing or try to see if you can get rid of some of the triggers to the screaming. Is she bored or tired during this time?

Usually we think it's over everything and anywhere but there are actually triggers that cause the behavior. Try to look at when/where this happens and track it, either physically write it down (if you're organized unlike myself) or just try to make a mental note of it.

Sometimes just putting them in another area to calm down can start to make things better. I know when I went out my son would try to scream sometimes over things and I would have to take him away to a bathroom until he stopped, and just didn't give him any attention until he'd calmed himself down. Sometimes he'd calm down, then we'd go back out, he'd freak out, and then I'd have to do it again.

Maybe the next time she starts screaming put her in a playpen/crib/bedroom and tell her she can come back out when she's finished screaming. It might be helpful depending on the situation.

Once again though I would try to take a few days or a week to see if you can find any patterns or triggers involved.

Hope some of that is helpful and good luck!

Oh and also swimming lessons or anything to do with water has been shown to have a calming effect on kids. Not saying that's a guarentee or perfect way to stop screaming behaviors but my son was a really high-stress toddler and I found playing with water and going to swimming lessons really helped.

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