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My 1 year old baby is screaming. A lot. In public and in private. I understand that he is at an age where he is frustrated and cannot communicate his needs but this really is unbearable. It's a high-pitched repeated shrieking sound that really hurts the ears. He seems to do it generally if he doesn't like something. I am trying to keep calm and offer him alternatives until he is happy (ignoring him doesn't help at all) which stops him. It's very difficult not to be tyrannized by this behavior because I want so much for the noise to stop that I am almost prepared to give him anything he wants.
Can anyone tell me if this is typical baby behavior? Also, does it last a long time? Is it something that requires some type of disciplinary action to prevent it turning into bad behavior?


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This is so hard as a mom...

If you feel that the crying is due to communication frustration try signing to him... videos like "Signing time with Alex and Annie" are really entertaining and teach both baby and parents basic signs that can give baby the mode to communicate long before the words come.

You can model the words he needs to learn, such as "You want a cookie. You can have one after the apple."

Other things it could be are sensory issues... Does it help to bounce, swing or hug? These vestibular activities often help little ones feel better. Or possibly reflux? Check his diet... is it when he's hungry and 20 or 30 minutes after he eats? If so talk to your child's doctor and explore an acid blocker.
Good luck and Hang in there... : ) Hopefully he'll grow out of it soon.

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