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Rlawm - posted on 07/14/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, i need help. It's been 8 yrs for me and I've started over. My 1 month old is extremely gassy he takes forever to burp and passes gas allday frequently. I breast feed him in the beginning and now he just uses formula. He started out with the lipid enfamil and i changed it to the enfamil gentleease. I'm not seeung a difference but when i give him gas drops it calms him but not for long. I feel like i don't know what I'm doing and i want to change the formula again but i don't know what formula i should try next. Please any suggestions would be helpful. Oh, also he takes forever to burp and when he does burp he has to burp again and again.

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Katherine - posted on 07/16/2015




Hi , it could be colic or reflux like mentioned earlier . My baby had a hard time burping too and was crying constantly till she was about 4 months old . It was colic in my case . I suggest keeping your baby upright after nursing . I was giving gas and colic drops but they didnt help much i made a lot of visits to her Doc and one day she cried for about 1 and half hr and it was a very very difficult to see her that way . so doc gave mild stomach painkiller and that helped. Rocking the baby helps in gas troubles . I suggest buy a rocking chair it helped us a lot and my child was lot calmer and slept well. I exclusively breastfed her till 6 months . I also had a musical toy which helped to distract her . It will settle down soon and you will be enjoying the giggles of your little one . I dont know much about formula. Try nursing if u can . Its good for you and mothers milk is easier on babies tummies too . unless otherwise adviced . Tk cr May the Almighty bless u and your little one .

Carolburciago - posted on 07/15/2015




My baby was like this and he was prescribed small amount of acid reflux meds. Talk to your ped. Good luck!

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