Second opinion for your childs DX'S???

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My son has a few DX'S with the only thing i might disagree with is mild ID. They did this by the DQ tests. My son was almost 3 when this was done and was and still is nonverbal. I even read somewhere that Devolpmental docs could not DX then untill 7,or 9,because at that time they belive the child should have a name for there disability. Any Advice


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With the ammount of information you have given, my best answer is the following: The age of the diganosis depends upon what the diagnosis is. For example, Autism can be diagnosies bedtween 18 months and 3years old, with milder cases or borderline cases many times a diagnosis is not given until more time has passed. Some diagnosis are preffered to not be given until age 7 such as with ADHD or teenager in case of BiPoloar. Diagnosis can be removed, but it's often harder to remove a diagnosis then it is to give a diagnosis. But a child at the age of 3 has time, if given all of the needed therapy is given and parent(s) and caretakers (babysitters, grandparents, regular daycare) work dilagently with the child to help that child do the best he can do, regardless if he keeps his diagnosis or the diagnosis gets removed. My advice to you is to do whatever therapies that are suggested and given to you, ask his physical, occupational, speech, behavior therapists for lists, exercises and examples of suggested activities to do with your child to help your son be able to succeed to the very best of his potential. Start this now, stay consistant and diligent, never give up hope, and be the best mom you can be!

Depending upon what your son's diagnosis are, there many be a "support group" for his specific diagnosis in your area. It's usually moms from different walks of life, brought together by the fact that their child has a disability, they bring a wealth of information, advice, suggestions, an ear to listen and an understanding that comes from another parent in a similiar circumstance can bring.

My oldest child is almost 9 and at the age of 3 could have been diagnosised with Autism, but the doctor wanted to hold off until she had undergone some speech therapy, o.t., and specialized preschool setting and gave her the label of "speech and ot delay" and "Anxity nos". for her to get services. My child was mostly nonverbal (said a few select phrases and that's all), after almost 2years of speech, of o.t. and 3 mornings at a specialized daycare, that diagnosis and this Anxiety NOS has both removed upon her entering kindergarden and her only diagnosis now is that she recently became diagnosised with ADHD.

I hope this helps, if you want or need to talk more specially feel free to contact me and i'll reply when i can.

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