Secretly planning my escape from loveless marriage


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Jodi - posted on 03/11/2014




And you don't think it is damaging your child, living in a loveless marriage and feeling such hate for your husband? you don't think your child is picking up on that? You and your husband need to go to counselling to work this out. If you have been secretly feeling this way for 10 years, you aren't doing anyone any favours.

Lauren - posted on 03/10/2014




I live in Los Angeles and rent is rediculous. I am trying to work overtime and stash as much money as possible to GTFO. It's taking all my strength I can muster to keep going. It's devastating to have good intentions and belief that you will build a life together and the person refuses to see the forest for the trees. He'd rather his child grow up in a disfunctional city, living in an apartment than look elsewhere that isn't down the street from his mommy. He works for a well known university in IT. He speaks two languages and has never once searched for another job out of state so would could have a better lifestyle. I hate him for it.

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