Seeking chores for 6 yo boy and 9 yo girl.

Kym - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have 2 kiddos who i need to make a chore or task sheet for. I am looking for some suggestions.

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Carol - posted on 04/13/2011




The first chore to start with mom is have them clean up their own bedrooms, basiclly have them pick up their toys, their dirty clothes, put their shoes away when they take them off. Teach them to make their bed before they go to school then once they have that down then give them another chore to do. Have your daughter help you set the table for meals, if you have a pet let your son feed the pet. Also let them wash the silverware if you do dishes by hand then as they get older let them wash other dishes. She is old enough to learn how to dust when you get ready to vacuum in fact so is he. My dad is the oldest of 11 5 boys and 6 girls and his mom raised all 5 boys to learn how to cook, sew, and iron and the girls all had to learn how to chop the wood, feed the animals as well as cook, sew, and iron. It prepared them for when they got out on their own in fact for a while after my parents first got married my dad worked as a cook in a restaraunt. My parents had 4 girls and we girls learned how to cook, iron, sew (I mean mending socks, fixing holes,and sewing on buttons). When we were old enough to learn how to drive my dad taught us four girls how to change a tire, check the oil, the water in the radiator, the transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, brake fluid and I even know how to change the oil in a car. Plus I've learned a few other mechanicle things for mostly cars from the guys I've dated or from my two ex-husbands.

Dana - posted on 02/02/2010




My daughter (5) folds her own clothes and helps her brother (10) unload the dishwasher. She does the silverware but not the knives (only butter-knives). They also take turns swiffering the floor...I love the swiffer mop!!! He does all his laundry, and does it better than any grown man I've ever seen do laundry! Even sprays the stain remover on stains, and cleans his pockets first - something I've tried to get my 50 yr old husband to do for twenty years!

Jodi - posted on 02/02/2010




My 12 year old had the following chores by the time he was about 10:
- Loading and unloading dishwasher
- Taking out the trash
- Bringing the bins in after rubbish collection day
- Checking the mailbox
- Hanging out the washing and bringing it in
- Setting the table for dinner
- Making his own bed, and keeping his own room tidy
- Helping me with the shopping (bringing it in, putting it away).
- Whasing or drying any dishes which need handwashing.
He also started learning to fold and put away the washing at that age, but still needed a lot of help with that. He's brilliant at it now (age 12).

My daughter is just going on 5 and she assists her older brother now with all of these chores.

Each of them receives an allowance for these chores, and then I may have additional chores here and there that they help with, and I often give them a little extra for the extra help.

Sharon - posted on 02/02/2010




My 5 yr old would unload the silverware, kids dinnerware and tupperware stuff.

My 7yr old was responsible for taking out the trash.

They have dogs to walk, cats to brush, feed dishes to clean up, fill, laundry to sort (I always kept an eye on it after they were done) white socks, jeans and towels.

Mind you these aren't all daily chores for them. Laundry is a weekend thing. dishes only if I haven't gotten to it first.

Brooke - posted on 02/02/2010




Dishes are always a good one, the 9yo could dry the plates, knives, and saucepans, while the 6yo does the smaller stuff. As time goes on and the youngest learns how to, he could take over all the drying while the eldest takes over washing. If your girl is tall enough, she could stand on a chair to get the washing off the line, and sorting it when it comes in is always helpful to Mum! Washing the bath is always a popular chore, as there is no way to do it as a kid except for climbing in, which usually leads to a lot of sliding around! Also, my son is never happy about doing stuff inside, but once I told him he was in charge of producing the food from the garden, he was out there watering and weeding like nobody's business!

Girlio - posted on 02/02/2010




load dishwasher, clear table after meals, make beds, put folded clothes away, put laundry in laundry basket (older one can take basket to laundry room), our 5 year old LOVES to sweep, 8 year LOVES to dust, pick up coats and shoes and put away properly, brushing teeth is always a good task and easy. Our 8 year old has started to help dry dishes that one of us washes (hasn't gotten as far as putting away yet), both have to organize and get belongings together to go to school/other house. BOY we sound like tough parents! BUT they chose to help with the dusting sweeping and dishes, we have never asked it of them.

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