Seeking imediate help Custody Battle

Brittany Kay - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Recently i am going through a Custody Battle At the time me and my boyfriend had broke up and i had no income so i thought it would be best that my son lived with his father until i could stabely be on my own two feet again i didnt want my son to struggle through everything i had to well my sons father lives in Sanilac county and I recently just moved to St Clair Shores michigan and just recently got employed and I am trying to save money to get my own place again well little did i know he had a custody case against me and it was scheduled for the 29th he has money to afford a lawyer and i do not but i am seeking legal aid to help me in this situation. have not seen my own son in a month and i know to some mothers its sounds terrible and makes me feel that way as well but i do not have any transportation and he will not agree to meet me half way i cant even call my son because they will not answer the phone ive been keeping records and trying to the best i can but im afraid the court may see this as abandonment and id lose my rights forever this would break me into pieces im only 21 so its really hard I know im not the only one going through this so if any of you moms out there could give me some advice just to put my mind at ease that would be so helpful


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Dove - posted on 10/10/2012




You won't lose your rights over a month of no contact. In most states it's actually pretty hard to get rights terminated even if you are a drug using, abusive parent. If you have proof that you've been trying to contact him and your ex is refusing.... it's not going to make him look good.

You definitely need a lawyer and I can't even begin to predict what will happen in court, but you WILL have a right to see your son. How it all plays out exactly... one can only guess.

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