Seeking others who have kids with symptoms like my son's?

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I am seeking out other mom's who might have a child with simaler issues as my son.

My son is 12 at age 6 he started getting sick for no reason with out a fever. he would be sick any where from 24 hours to 3 days. It took me forever to get him to eat anything after he was sick. Eventually the problem got worse. He started getting sick all the time at school missing atleast 10 to 15 days of school. I should explain what I mean by sick. He complains he does not feel well his head hurts he feels weak and wants to throw up with in 10 to 15 minutes of saying this he turns white ( he's naturaly an olive skinned child so when he loses color you can really tell)
his lips go pure white and become chapped looking. He becomes tired attempting to lay down no matter where he is and making noises or breathing loudly. He says his head feels fuzzy and heavy and his eyes are tired his stomach feels bad. ( I asked if it hurts he says no ) once he crashes completly and vomating can take place either before after or not at all during this. He becomes none responsive I can call his name even yell and he will just lay there. When he does finally respond he says he didn't hear me and has no memory of the event just recalls feeling bad.
This is of course over years so this will be a little long I would like to explain it all to be as helpful as possable. I seeked help from my doctor of course. When my son was born our other children had lead poisening from paint in the house we had lived in. He tested normal thankfully. after a few tests he was diagnosed with H-pylory which he was treated for and then put on antacids tempararily tell the symptoms where better. We thought all was well oh and we where told once you get h-pylory you will always test positive for it but unlikely contract it a second time.

He began getting sick again about a year later but far more drastic then the first time. I again seeked help from the doctor he put him back on the antacids untell we could get into a specialist. Once we went to the specialist they ran tests mostly on his stools and asked alot about his bowl movment regularity consistancy and of course texture. after running some tests including a blood test I requested for diabities and hypoglicimia they found nothing wrong with him. At this time we talked about stress and symptoms of stress. My son is the soft hearted type and there where alot of factors to support that this could be stress related deaths in the family fighting amoung the boys and moving alot for his fathers job. So it was compleatly understandable. But what didn't make sense is that if I allowed him to eat small healthy snacks through out the day he didn't get sick and if he started to get sick orange juice pulled him out of it. After deciding it was stress he was taken off the antacids but I kept him on the snacking diet for a while.

This year my son turned 12 and started 7th grade meaning he is officially old enough to start sports. Today I went to get him from football today was only his second day of practice. He took a long time to walk a short distance was quiet and clamed to just be to warm I went to the store with him he requested to stay in the car ( so not like him ) I thought maybe he was deydrated after football so I made him come in with me and get a drink. While walking through the store he was a little none compliant and made little sense when talking if asked to repeat himself he said never mind. He did however ask if he could have some granola bars to snack on after football I complied and recommended him having one before football and one after. While at the check out I looked over at him and he was as white as a ghost so I opend the box of granola and told him to eat it. That did the trick.

Now they tell me nothing is wrong and that he is not hypoglycimic or diabetic. I recintly thought maybe animic I have an iron dificiancy myself but never anything like the way he is. He is short for his age he was jaoundause as a baby not a primie though. He is thin and rather defined physicaly for a child of his age infact he had definition in his limbs at a young age. He is very fit for a young boy just not tall by any means he has olive skin and dark hair hazel eyes I am 5'2" myself redhead white skin freckles and thin. My husband is 6'2" heavy the majority of his life but not obeasse fair skin but tans well blonde to dishwater blonde hair blue eyes. We have other sons my 12 year old stands out. Not sure this has anything to do with any of it but it may be of help.

So what I am looking for any mom or parent if their are dads here lerking. That might know anything about these symptoms and if you ever found out what it might be causing it. And yes I did ask him about stress right now how everything was going just to be sure.

Thanks Worried Mom Kris


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It could be a metabolic disorder. In the US, only PKU was tested for at birth until 2008. Now they are testing for a huge range.

I would ask for a metabolic screening.

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