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My daughter has a vp shunt she was born with hydrocephalus.well one day ahe started throwing up and and just wanting to sleep so if she was not sleeping she was throwing up and she wasnt being herself so we took her to the er and after ct scens and x-rays and eeg they gave her something they said was for seizures and she had woke up five minutes later going back to herself so the next day they sent her home with meds but it seems that seince she us taking the meds she is havine them more and more what should i do i am getting real stressed out i am getting to the point that i dont want to sleep so i can watch her all night so i know nothing happens because she is having them everyday or every other day


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Sarah - posted on 04/10/2016




Sounds like you need to check in with a pediatric neurologist and really get to the bottom of what is going on. What medication did they give you? Don you only use it for seizure activity or does she get regular doses.

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