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Hey! So my little boy started having seizures back in october, the first one was where he went really limp and his eyes started turning to the right! Then i started noticing him doing this weird thing with his head where his head would go down and his eyes would go up! I watched him really closely for about a month when he started having a seizure where he turned blue and got extremely stiff! We got shipped to texas childrens where they did a couple tests and sent us back home! We was started on keppra that day, it was terrible, my baby quit talking and only slept 4 to 5 hours a night on top of being a zombie throughout the day! December we went to texas childrens and had an mri done, she said there was a small malformation on the right side above his ear but she didnt think it had anything to do with the seizures! She started weaning him off the keppra and started onfi or clobazam! In transition he started saying a few words again he and there still having drop attacks and occasionally tonic seizures and atonic seizures! Since the beginning i felt like it had something to do with food! In february when he had 6 seizures that day i decided he was going gluten free and organic as much as possible! It has helped some as he could go to few days, or weeks with out a big seizure, but not once has he been drop free since its all started, i keep a log and hes had as many as 78 countable, i give him extra vitamins and oils and so tons of research daily! Ive started weaning him off of the one medicine as i feel his drop attacks at least triple! Has anyone had same kind of thing going on, any advice? And once he has them through the day, he has drops every 2 hours, you pretty much now hes gonna have them 2 hours later, and also he has up to 28 in a row, i can always tell when hes gonna have them, and he does too, he doesnt have them to where hes running and out of nowhere he falls, its nore like hell be playing and stop all the sudden and get real quiet and still sometimes find a focal and then has them! I now its alot but anybody?

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