Seizures in my three year old?

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Hello Everyone. My three and a half year old has been having these "spells" since she was 4 months old. It's only at bedtime. She wakes up three to four times in the night in screams. Long, miserable heart aching screams. I go in to her room every single time and she is dead asleep sitting up and freaking out perfectly still, her body warm to the touch and sometimes - wet and clammy. I try to calm her and after a few minutes it's like normal she lays down and is fine. She was born with this deep insishon like mark on her temple and the doctors said that could possibly cause seizures but never gave me a name for it. I was talking to my daughters nurse who said they may possibly be verbal seizures. Basically I'm wondering if anyone else is or has been going through this and if you think that sounds like what they are?? Also, she has been going into these wierd phases during the day where shes staring into space and almost like ignores me when i say her name but than goes back to doing what she was doing about 4 to five minutes later. She had a eeg and ekg when she was four months old and it was normal. please help!


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Ashley.. My daughter has been through a grip of stress - her father was arrested on xmas day 2010 for abusing me. She and I moved around more than 8 times in a 6 month time frame trying to get situated as I had no family near where we are for 3000 miles of gap between. My ex husband moves around. Has a girlfriend at his current place and she visits him every weekend. While every week with me and my fiance and eight months ago we had a new baby. I'm sure maybe she's still adjusting. BUT this has been happening since she was 4 months old. She's now three and a half!!

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my oldest would stare off into space when he was little. he would also have drop siezures, where he would just be walking and fall over, or be sitting or standing somewhere and fall over for no appearant reason. we didnt realize what it was for a long time, then right after he turned 2, i got home one night, and was taking his coat off and he was sleeping, so i was going to put him in bed, but as soon as i picked him up he started convulsing and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head. my brother in law and his girlfriend were staying with us at the time and he grew up with his sister having siezures all the time, so he knew what was happening, but i started screaming to call 911 and freaking out. he took him from me, and he finally stopped. he had an eeg and ekg and they couldnt find anything either, but they said it could be caused by stress, cuz within 3 months, we had moved, had another baby, and his daddy was in jail for a traffic ticket. ever since then, he has had a few like that, but he almost always has fevrile seizures, which are from a high fever. has anything big changed in her life recently? hers could also be stress induced.

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Natalie.. I remember my mom telling me that I had done the same thing at night.. I would wake up screaming.. but still asleep.. It comes from having bad dreams..
Kids can see more than adults can. I am not going to say she is seeing a ghost or anything.. But, not to scare you that stuff is real and children are more subject to it..

Anyhow.. While she is a sleep and doing this.. she is having bad dreams..When a child just stares into space..Sometimes they are just in their own little world or they are staring at something that you cannot see.

If she had had ekg's and so on and it comes back normal.. Then nothing is wrong with her.. Some children can see things and you just can't. But, it doesnt mean it isnt there.. I dont' know if you believe in God or anything.. But, God says He gave all of us angels. Maybe during the day when she is staring into space that is what she is looking at.

But then again.. she could be just ignoring what is around her.. I have done this as a child as well.
It sounds like your child is fine..As for having the incision on the temple.. IF she hasnt had any problems with it.. I would think she wouldnt'. I havent heard of that before.. Not to say it isnt true though.. I do know however that if you hit your temple too hard, you can die or if hit lightly it can cause headaches. It can cause a rupture of membranes..
But, your daughter sounds fine.. If she had scans done, then it would show if something was wrong around her temple. It doesnt necessarily mean she will have siezers. What you describe, she is having nightmares at night and during the day.. she is either staring at something that you dont see or just ignoring you.

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