Selena Gomez & Eminem the same?!?!?

Chrystal - posted on 03/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So in our home after the 30 minutes of cartoons we turn off the tv and listen to music all day. This weekend we got a blue ray that has Pandora Internet radio on it great saves me from changing cd's all day. Well I have kids under 2 and while they love children's music after about 20 minutes it drives me nuts. So I typed in Selena Gomez a Disney teen star right old enough to interest mom but appropriate for young kids; all good. Well after about 6 songs I used the restroom only to come back into the room with an explicit Eminiem song playing! What??? How is that anything like a PG Disney stars music? Is this a screw up on Pandora's part or am I crazy to think they are nothing alike? Don't get me wrong I like Eminiem and other rap but not for a kid under 15 let alone under 2 even Eminiem himself says his music isn't for kids. It just boggles my mind how they think these two artist should be put in the same group. This is mostly a rant I realize but how am I supposed to protect my kids from material that's to old for them if you try and this is what people now think is appropriate? Thanks for listening to a flustered mommy!


America3437 - posted on 03/12/2012




Would not expect to find Bubble gum pop on same station as Eminem!Yikes! Love my Eminem though!

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