Sensory processing disorder ?

Jen - posted on 12/29/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 16 1/2 months is she too young to be diagnosed with spd?

Symptoms I have noticed:
-says 1-2 words (dog's name and dad, sometimes says mama)
- has been walking since 15 months and is very wobbly (walks like she's drunk) sometimes on her tippy toes
-sometimes sits in a "w"
-is non stop running around constantly with so much energy
-doesn't cry if she bumps her head or falls (minor bumps and bruises)
- hates getting dressed and getting diaper changed (but is sometimes completely fine)
-is so winey and moody ( I know this can he normal toddler behavior)
-is startled by some noises (dog barking, she will run to me if he startles her, when the front doors about to open)
-pulls at hair

From what I am reading it seems like she may fall in line with spd, is she too young to be diagnosed or are these things she will out grow?


Sarah - posted on 12/29/2014




Much of what she is doing is normal for her age. At 16 months she is not going to be saying many words.....this will increase dramatically in the next year. She is going to be wobbly at first.....she has only been walking for 1 1/2 months. I have 2 yr olds that still have balance issues at times. She is 16 months...she is going to have lots of energy and that has nothing to do with sensory. Minor bumps and bruises most kids don't cry for, getting dressed is a challenge for any toddler as they don't like to slow down, pulling hair can be a common thing for this age also as you need to teach them this is not an appropriate behavior and that it hurts.

Your list is of minor things. Sensory processing disorder is going to have more major issues.......does not like to touch many different textures.....tags on clothes hurt them, touch of water may hurt them, sound of water may hurt their ears, different fabrics on the skin may hurt, they may gag on foods with different textures, different smells may make them sick.

Your daughter sounds like a normal 16 month old.

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