Sensory Processing Disorder

Katy - posted on 11/28/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi my name is Katy, I have been a nanny to multiple families for 16+ years... I've pretty much have seen it all. I have been dating someone for 8 months with a 4 year old daughter, who has not been officially diagnosed with SPD but was brought up a few weeks ago in preschool. ( since this is her 2nd school, due to getting kicked out of the first and starting 5 half days at the 2nd and dropped to 2 half day a week with a special aide) I myself have said since day one there was something wrong other then what her parent's calling her a spoiled brat. I brought up SPD and it made my relationship worse, cause here i am saying there is something wrong with your child ( no parent wants to here that). That is why i am so happy that the school has brought it up. It is so stressful on him because hes not understanding it, nor does he want to. I have done so much research but don't know how to stop her from hurting other people and children. The screaming i ignore, but hitting, scratching, biting and spitting is not acceptable. Time outs don't work,taking things away also doesn't work.... i have tried the holding her hands many times, getting down at her level and talking to her... but its tough when she wont even have eye contact on a normal day with anyone and continues to scream, spit, hit, scratch and throws herself on the floor. please someone help with any advise.


Sarah - posted on 11/28/2015




What is her sensory? The hitting, screaming, spitting may or may not be part of the sensory. That might be part of behavioral issues, which might be separate from any sensory.

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