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I been separated 4 weeks going on 5 wed from my husband he left me and my two children he didnt call the first two weeks the 3rd week he texted me just to tell me he wanted to put the kids on his insurance and this week he texted me to put them on the phone so he can talk to them. He is avoiding talking to me should I try and talk to him or just give him his space he didnt just leave he went to live to another city 13 hours away I want to know if he plans on staying away or if hes ever gonna come see his kids I dont know if I should try and talk to him he left because he said I b#@#$ too much always asking questions therefore im scared if i try to talk to him i might ruin the chance for my kids to continue talking to him do u think he will come around and finally talk to me sooo confused


Amy - posted on 07/19/2013




Set up a time everyday that he can talk to the kids, let him know that they will call him at that time everyday and that you won't interfere. In the meantime send him an email with your questions that you have, once you get a response to can decide what you want to do. And it probably wouldn't hurt to see an attorney about getting paperwork drawn up for a legal separation and so you can start collecting support for the kids if he is no longer helping.

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