Separation anxiety or just overtired? Help!!!

Carrie - posted on 09/07/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My lil chalupa is 17 weeks old and has been going to my moms almost every Friday night for a while except the last 3 Fridays as my mom was on vacation. He absolutely adores his nana and we never had a problem until last night. He only took a half hour nap in the afternoon (usually an hr or more at home) and he allways gets a lil fussy around 6:30ish but with nana last night he started screaming around 6 and only stopped for his bath (loves the tub) then refused his bedtime bottle (never happened before) and screamed his little heart out till 8 when he finally went to sleep. It's been taking a lil longer for me to get him settled at night for the last few days but never anything like my mom described :( I was all ready to go get him but she called and said he fell asleep so leave him be. He ended up sleeping all night and waking up normal time and has been happy all morning with her... Any ideas? Was he just overtired and cranky or should I just stop with the overnight visits? My mom didnt mind the crying so much as the fact that she just didnt know what to do to make the poor lil guy happy! Please any ideas or advice would be so helpful!!

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