Separation Hi their, My children are 12, and 10. I have had a very rocky marriage for several years but always stayed and continued to try because of my children. We have been to counselling, I've given ultimatums, nothing has worked. Now I'm realizing that my children are seeing and thinking this is a what marriage. A Dad who is never home. Party's all the time, travels endlessly ( by choice), never attends their sporting events or practices. Now I suspect infidelity. He's withdrawn moneys from our investments. The lying and manipulation never stops. I have tried to speak with my husband about separation and he just yells, refuses to tell the children. My poor son is asking a lot of questions. When is the best time to tell them? And how do I get him out of my/ our house


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Michelle - posted on 08/20/2012




My Grandmother told me me never to stay together for the sake of the children as it's horrible growing up in that environment. She lived through it with her parents and then they divorced as soon as the youngest left home.

Children know what's going on and yes you are teaching them that your marriage is what marriages should be. Tell them that you and Dad can't live together anymore and Dad will be moving out. They will cry and be upset but they will also realize that it's for the best.

Chaya - posted on 08/20/2012




Unless you have a child with any form of retardation, they already know, Children aren't stupid, just younger than you. Sit the down on a day they don't have sportng events or other activities planned.
You can file for a resraning order, you have a right to the house until the divorce is final, and you'll likely be award it He can get an SRO for all you'd care. My ex is living in his van, it isn't my problem,
Take care of yourself and our children, keep busy, and be proud of you accompishments.

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