Seperation Anxiety

Tanya - posted on 05/22/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am extremely attached to my daughter and I cannot be 1 minute without her. I refused to put her in daycare and I feel I will have a complete melt down in 3 years when she has to go to pre-k. I haven't ever had her babysat.. I won't even leave her alone with my husband unless she is sleeping...I think I have separation anxiety and I don't know why. I want to be with her 24/7. When she wakes up at night for a bottle, I'm tired but happy to cuddle her. I know this is mental and I am aware of how crazy it looks and sounds. I haven't even admitted this to anyone. I just need help I guess to let go. Actually I need help but I don't want to let go. I know I am not hindering her from being social or growing because we have a ton of activities in our agenda. I don't mind if she walks away from me to play with others, or if someone picks her up. As long as she is in the same room as me or I can see her I'm okay.

Could it be because I'm only having one child, or what is making me so obsessed? I am overprotective? I want help but the truth is I'm happy this way...I just want to know if any other have gone through this.

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