Seriously, how do I cope with the baby fever??

Katie - posted on 08/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I've always had baby fever, and now it's become so severe, the thought of "i know we have to wait" makes me cry. I've wanted kids for years, and my husband and I have been married for 4 months, and now all I can focus on is babies, babies, babies!!! But we keep saying we aren't in a good place for a baby right now. And I know and accept that. But in the last couple weeks I have found myself reasoning that maybe it would be okay to go ahead and try, or at least quit preventing and see where that gets us. Hubby has some student loans he's paying on, but will be finished with those in a year, year and a half. Other than that, we have no debt. We live paycheck to paycheck, but also have enough in our checks to put money into savings every day. I'm working on establishing my credit, he is rebuilding his, so this time next year we could be buying a house potentially. That's the plan anyway. I've tried to talk myself down with logic and reasoning and tell myself we could go on vacations, enjoy more time together, buy new cars etc if we wait. But then the thought of our baby in my head makes all of it fly out the window, and suddenly that vacation sounds only okay. And a new car is just a material desire. And if we conceived now, we would be married a year by the time baby comes. I'm not sure what I want more.... someone to talk me into waiting, or someone to back up my uncontrollable urge to get on the ball NOW. Is anyone else dealing with the back and forths of trying to talk

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