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Gena - posted on 09/08/2013




If you can get oxyplastin paste try using that you just need to put a small amount on babys bottom.I also agree with letting your baby be without diapers for times.You get special mats that are used for pottytraining in the night, you could put your child on a blanket with one of those mats.If its a fungal rash you will need a special cream though.

Lisa - posted on 09/07/2013




Plain coconut oil is soothing, healing and protecting.

When I needed to let my baby go without a diaper, so that his bottom could get some air time, I could not think of a good way to do this and protect the carpet. He was already rolling and scooting so I could not just lie him in his crib. The best solution I could think of was to take the liner from my shower curtain (it was fairly new so still clean, lol) and lay it on the floor and cover with a sheet. Worked great! Twenty minutes of time without diaper, several times a day, will speed healing.

Also, baking soda in bath water is soothing.

Cecilia - posted on 09/07/2013




Ok since you only have a title and no actual question I assume you're asking how to treat it.

First know some babies will get it from certain diapers. Cheap diapers more so. Wipes are another problem for some. Even using sensitive ones can cause issues. Try using a wet rag with only water in it instead.

When you can let it air out. Lay the baby down without a diaper and something water proof under it. When it is in a diaper keep a cream on it's bum because it does hurt them when wet.

It might also be a yeast rash, look it up on google pictures to see if it looks like that is it. If it is make a doctor's appointment and they will give you special cream for it. some doctors will tell you to use foot fungus cream but I have tried it and it does not work even half as well.

Use light soaps with few dyes in it. Aveno is a great product but can be pricey.

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