Several questions abt my 18mth old! Advice/suggestions needed/wanted/welcomed!

Alicia - posted on 03/15/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have an 18mth old daughter that rarely sleeps through the night which makes for a very tired Mommy. When she does sleep through the night her diaper ends up leaking all over her making her rise earlier than she wants/needs making her tired earlier than her normally very scheduled naptime then. Turning into an overly tired girl at bedtime (which is between 8 and 8:30pm). We have tried to keep a good schedule for her and I have had trouble understanding why she doesn't sleep through the night (she is our first child). Also, I am a stay at home mom so she is with me and basically attached to me constantly. She gets upset if I evenn walk into another room and is very clingy. Any advice on breaking her of the bottle (I know by now she should not be on a bottle at all esp in bed with her at nap and nighttime which I have been bad about allowing that I know). She constantly wants to be held also. As first time parents I know we have made some mistakes I'm sure and look to other parents for advice or suggestions (not to be judged or hArshly criticized for the things we have or have not done "correctly"). I also wonder when the right time for transition from crib to toddler bed. Usually is. My daughter is very tall for her age (34in which is the 95th percentile and she is starting to be a lil monkey and lean over the side trying to get out of her crib at times but not often, which worries me but I know once in a toddler bed she is so attached to me and sometimes her dad as well that I know if she wakes up she will most likely be getting out of bed constantly). This last question will probably sound completely ignorant and I feel pretty dumb asking but at what age are children considered to be toddlers (I ask as she is about 18mths and will not be 2 until Aug 31st)?


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Elfrieda - posted on 03/16/2012




I think toddler is from when they start walking (one-ish) until they start clearly talking (three-ish).

Diaper issues: We use the pampers babydry diapers for night, and they hardly ever leak. They're specifically made to hold like 25 lbs of liquid or something like that. :) Also, consider going up a size if she's leaking, that has helped me in the past.

Bed: My son does very well in a crib, and he's 27 months already. My friend's daughter was always a menace at night, wouldn't sleep, and now she's in a bed (18 months old) and she sleeps fine. So I think it's different for different kids.

Bottle: I gave my son a bottle at night until he was 14 months and I did feel a bit guilty about it, too. But eventually he didn't need it anymore, and I watered down the formula double what the intended mixture is to help him give it up.

Clingyness: It could be that she's picking up on the stress level in the house, but 18 months is also a prime time for separation anxiety.

Stifler's - posted on 03/16/2012




From like 9 months until 3 I reckon. I put Logan into a toddler bed at 14 months.

Connie - posted on 03/16/2012




all right, first let me say that no one is perfect so cut yourself some slack. all my girls were different, I have 4. first, a routine, not so much a schedule is what little ones require the most. let me explain, for example..... dinner a bath a story at about the same time every night....that is a routine...i found little ones take comfort in knowing what is coming next. The need for naps changes several this age 2 of my girls would nap twice a day, once in the morning and then once in the afternoon. 1 hardly napped at all. the other was good with one long nap after lunch. trying to keep them on a set schedule is often causes more pain then there has to be. watch for signs they are getting sleepy and let them sleep before they become overtired and they will be much easier to deal with. the thing is at this age their little bodies need what they need when they need it. now 3 of my girls were potty training by this age which helped with the diaper issue. As far as the toddler bed....When we decided to start potty training we moved to toddler beds so they could get to the bathroom at night if they needed to. for one daughter we went to toddler bed because she learned to get out of the crib and it was safer....i did buy a safety net that tucked under the mattress and went about 3/4 the length of the bed. it kept them from falling out but not from getting up if they needed to. Yes when they move to a toddler bed they do come to your room. lol . but if you keep taking them back to their bed they get the message. but you have to be consistent. as far as the bottle....make up your mind to take it then get rid of all but one....tell her it is the last one and when it wears out it is gone. let her pick out her own big girl cup and always offer the cup not the bottle. stick to your word when the nipple wears out get rid of it. she will adjust very quickly. as far as when are they a toddler? well i think she qualifies. toddler usually refers to the age after they begin to move on their own generally 18months to 2. hope it helps...good luck and God bless!

Alicia - posted on 03/16/2012




We are in a very strange situation at the moment. We hit a rough patch and had to move in to a very small home with my fiance's mother and high school senior age brother. It is a 2 bedroom house and his mother gave us her room to use since she stays at her "friend's" house most nights (my fiance's father passed away when he was a teen, way before we knew each other. SO in other words we (my fiance and I) are sharing a room with our daughter at the moment. This can get very stressful and takes it's toll on he and I but I sometimes forget how stressful it probably is on her as well. We are waiting to start changing up too much of her routine until we move into a home of our own which will happen within the next couple months until we move back into a home with just us and her as we feel it will be a smoother transition for new things once she has her own space. As for you saying it's weird that your son still gets a bottle at night its not weird to me because my daughter still gets a bottle at naptime and at bedtime to help soothe her to sleep and we usually keep the tv on very low just for some light and background noise and also so that when we come in to go to bed (since we are in the same room right now) we are less likely to wake her up esp since we turn the tv on getting into bed at night and usually set a sleep timer since we fall asleep to the tv. Since she does get a bottle at night she does wet her diaper so much more. I just a few days ago bought some of the Huggies Overnight diapers and we tried them and they held so much more nd did notleak like the diapers we use on her during the day. We too always change her before we go to bed so that she has a fresh diaper at that time. I want to thank you for responding to my post and giving me some suggestions and advice and I am glad to hear I am not the only parent who still ggives their child a bottle when they go to bed,.... I was being very hard on myself thinking I was an awful parent for that. We are though (again, once we move and she has her own room again) giong to be weening her off of the nighttime and naptime bottles and that will be the end of bottles for her altogether since she uses sippy cups during the day time. I have tried and given in (when we had our house) twice now when I tried putting her to bed without a bottle to soother her. We were letting her cry it out but I have anxiety issues and sometimes it gets the best of me and hearing her cry it out.... or actually scream it out because she is definitely a screamer and not really because something is seriously wrong with her but because she doesnt like being told no or not getting her way. Again thank you so much for responding. Once she has her own room again I will be trying some of your ideas especially putting her in her room with a baby gate up so that I will be able to get things done (Ive been trying to figure out how in the world to get all of my housework done since I literally can't because she is so attached to me.

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My son is 19 months and in a toddler bed do it when you feel ready. Don't let anyone rush you they go grow up quick enough. Don't worry about what others say so much. We started by putting my sons mattress on the floor to get him use to not being in a cot also it's not very far to fall if they roll out. I also put a safety gate on his bedroom door. I try to change my son in his room once he's fallen asleep, sounds weird but he still has a bottle to help him get to sleep and I figure it'll keep him a bit dryer for longer and hopefully sleep for a little longer. I also use plenty of johnsons cornstarch with aloe vera which soaks to the pee too. My son can be clingy too and I also have an 8 months baby which keeps me busy. When I have chores to do I'll put him in his room to play with his toys the safety gate is up so that allows me to do my chores cook and clean without worrying about him being under my feet I figure it's safer and I can still hear him and check in on him. He does sook a little when I first put him in but I give him sippy cup and he does calm down fairly quickly I put some music on or cartoons. It's more just background noise to take his mind off of me a little and he mostly plays. I also try to play alot of games with him when everything is done. Put the kids in the pram go for a walk especially when I need to go get something or pay bills. I try to keep him awake and not allow naps as often if I do it's only for a few minutes or early in the day then I'll wake him up give him something to eat and give him a bath and let him run around and play until he wears himself out. Maybe give her a night light and some calming music for her something so that if she does wake up through the night she my relax enough to go back to sleep. Sometimes kids just get scared when they wake up and get a disoriented especially after a nightmare as I've found. Also I think they're toddlers when they start running around and pushing bounaries. Unfortunately no matter what you do there's still bound to be nights she wont sleep like you want. They have so much energy at this age I wish I had as much energy

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