Severe Acne

Laura - posted on 01/30/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 14 year old is suffering from severe acne. We have been to a dermatologist who prescribed accutane. Of course our insurance will not cover the cost and after crunching the numbers we just can not afford it at this time. Not to mention the side effects are very alarming to me. After much discussion and research we are going to explore some natural avenues. After reading some of the comments i have a lot of ammunition to battle his problem. Thanks for sharing!


Sarah - posted on 01/30/2016




Two things; Accutane went generic ages ago and should be more affordable. If your insurance is denying it outright as a "cosmetic" medication, you can protest that with a letter from the dermatologist.
Second, I had terrible acne and it made my life horrible. I was a great athlete and a gifted student but my acne made me feel like i was ugly and gross. My folks manage to pay for it, when it was brand new and cost fortune. Yes the side effects are grueling. Dry skin, lips so dry and chapped they bleed, aching joints. My mother pushed me to drink so much water and that helped quite a bit.
Bottom line, that medication changed my life. In three months my skin was clear and smooth and the acne never returned. I am sure my parents felt it was worth the cost and for me it was worth the side effects for sure.


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