severe chest congestion in toddlers-need help

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have a 2-1/2yr and 16month old who are both very sick-minor coughing, severe nasal and chest congestion, no fevers. We have tried humidifiers, fans, running a hot shower for steam, vapor rub,nasal decongestant syrup, mucinex chest congestion syrup, tea with honey, teaspoons of honey 4x/day, elevated sleeping,breathing in a hot washrag-you name it, we've tried it to clear up the congestion. my kids can't sleep, and when they get up in the morning they are in pain cause all the chest congestion hardened and it hurts. what can i do to get them relief??? other than going to the doctor as we can't do that. the er is a last resort if needed but i want to try treating them at home


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Vapor rub on the bottom of the feet also works well...sounds silly but it works. It works even better when bundled in a warm blanket.
There are a lot of parents out there that are saying there kids got croup. I really hope my 2 don't pick it up. That is a nasty infection. Glad to hear your LO is doing a little better.

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Have you tried Saline nasal drops with a nasal aspirator??? The aspirator is a small thing with a tube on it and you suck snot out with it, it makes my stomach turn, but because little ones need help to blow their nose, it works wonders, I have used it several times when my youngest got colds!!!!!

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thank you ladies. we wound up taking the kids to the er this morning because my daughter was gasping for air. turns out she has croup. so they gave her steroids and saline mist and she is feeling a little better.they also checked my oldest but said he doesn't have it, just a bad cold and to monitor him in case he catches it as well.

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I go through this alot with my children and it isnt easy seeing your little one uncomfortable..If you use a humidifier do not use warm it cause namonia( so i was told by the pediatrician) use cold and set it across the room..and when they are congested pat them on their back with your hand cupped it wont hurt them..Warm baths work..and make sure they are elevated when they sleep it helps them breath i know some people are still kind skeptical about laying kids on their tummy but taking their age it shouldnt hurt that helps expand the lungs ( believe it or not lol) and will help them breath alittle better..and if they possibly might have asthma and you arent for sure i would try to stay away from the vapor baths to much and the bedtime baths..anything fumy also..All three of my children are asthmatic..if this keeps up you might want to send them to the dr..sometimes you have to give things time..i have a asperator i bought from the store for the nose it isnt like the bulds you get when they are born its a battery operated one and it works wonders on the nose..i hope this helps :)


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OK. Wake up call. Sorry to say but you can't help this at home. GO TO THE ER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. Those are not symptoms that you can play around with. Your children could have anything from a chest cold to pneumonia or worse. Get them checked out now if you haven't already.

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In Canada we have a natural product that you can find at the Superstore called "0*9 kids". I found this worked and you can use it with Tyonal

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I think you have tried all you can, it sounds quite serious and if the chest congestion doesn't get cleared up it can turn life threatening. I would take them to the ER if you can't go to a doctor. In the meantime give them lots of vitamin C, it helps boost immune systems, and make sure they are eating healthy.

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