severely brain damaged child due to lack of oxygen

Mamatt - posted on 06/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




So I have a six month old son. And at 3 months my babysitter was watching him while I was at work. She put him to sleep on his stomach , in a swaddler and he suffocated to death. Once she found him blue and no pulse she called 911. They were able to bring him back. He was hospitalized for a month in a half. The third night they told me he wasnt going to make It, but he did. Finally after about two weeks he was extubated and trying to open his eyes. He has a nerve condition to where his extremities shake uncontrollably .About a week later he had to get a Mickey button feeding tube placed in his stomach cause when he tried to take anything by mouth he aspirated. They told me that they don't believe he will ever be able to do anything at all. They say His brain damage is global and his cerebral ganglia is severely damaged. It's been about two months that we have been out of the hospital and he has physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy that come to my home. On top of going to see a therapist once a week . That doesn't include his pulmonary , neurology , and G. I . Doctor. They say they only believe he was down for about 5-15 minutes and I'm lucky he's alive. Its just so hard, I try to be strong. He's not anywhere near how he used to be . He just sits there, no facial expressions unless he's in pain . I don't know if he can even see me. We have to go see an optical doctor soon. I haven't cried since they brought him back to life until now typing this message. When we go out in public I try not to say much cause it breaks my heart to see him in this condition, I always tell myself it could always be worse. I do believe god will fix this, my son is slowly getting better, his hands are starting to open up and his muscles aren't as tight as they used to be . I just ask for you to keep me and him in your prayers . The babysitter was my best friend for a few years, and I try not to show anger towards her but deep down inside there's no words at all to express how I honestly feel, I've tried praying about, taking blame for letting her watch him cause she was young but It just breaks me apart, i don't know what else to do.just please pray for us. I'm so lost. I'm only 18. Single parent. any advice or similar stories?

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