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My boyfriend and I have been having sex. Is it safe? Im 7i months pregnant. Do i risk having another baby?


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If you know THAT LITTLE about sex and pregnancy I doubt you are mentally or emotionally prepared to properly care for and raise a child at this point. You need to prepare yourself to parent this child. This far into your pregnancy, you should have already read books like "What to Expect when You Are Expecting" (this one would have answered that question, so I assume you haven't read it or others like it) "What to Expect the First Year" and so on. "Playful Parenting" (Cohen) "If I have to Tell You One More Time" and "Childhood Unbound" are good books on discipline. "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" is a good book on raising a child with good principles. And though you've probably taken your Infant CPR class, do make sure the father has taken his CPR class as well--sometimes dads neglect it because they figure they won't be watching the baby unless mom is with them, but they should be certified too.

You cannot get pregnant again while you are pregnant. You CAN get pregnant almost after your baby is born--and it is DANGEROUS TO DO SO--so follow your docs advice and don't have sex until he or she gives you permission, and whey you do have sex, USE PROTECTION. If you were using protection for this one, and it failed, use at least two forms from now on until you are ready to have another child. (ex. you have an IUD, he uses a condom) Do not use foams or spermicides with condoms because they erode the condom and cause it to break or leak, then the sperm goes in beyond the point of the spermicide, and you are unprotected.

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If you are already pregnant then it's too late to be worried about a pregnancy!!!!
You can't fall pregnant again while pregnant if that's what you're asking.

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