sex and the loss of desire

Mary Lou - posted on 09/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was reading a blog a few moments ago and tried to respond. I was taken away to sign up and now I can't seem to get back to this blog. I am just going to say here what I had typed up before I was swept away and I do hope that some of you who had chimed in on the start of conversation see this and please try it try it try it as it sounds to me that the point most all of you are at as far as sex and the unfortunate stress it puts on your relationship from lack or too much desire, you have nothing to lose.
I will try to be brief. I absolutely love to have sex, then due to circumstances, emotional ones I found that I had in my pants the mojave' dessert. I was upset, so I seeked a doctor, had blood test run etc. My doc , she said you are not even pre menapause, all your blood work is perfect. I said so I should be jumping for joy right, she said yeah and why are you not. I said because now I know what is wrong cannot be fixed with a little "purple pill" or any other. I knew that even though I was trying to forgive my mate for cheating on me deep inside I wasn't. So I thought a trip away would help, you know try missing him. We were good with this and he promised to be a good boy and well guess what? He was not a good boy and this time I was so deeply hurt, that every time I looked at him I wanted to rip his face off. This is not good I told myself,so this is what I did and it worked. It took some soul searching but it did work, as my mojave' is now the amazon.

I went to a Holistic Healer and he was able to sever all those feelings of resentment and discust and I was amazed as when I got home that evening and looked at my mate, I felt nothing. I said oh good, we can sit down and talk safely now...

Please some of you if not all try this, you'll be amazed.

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