Sex before six week check up

Cassandra - posted on 11/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My hubby and I tried to have sex last night ( 2weeks pp) i have been done bleeding for about four days before, when he went into my vag it was only a little uncomfortable but then he tried anal and it was so painful I screamed and cried. He stopped right away but I started to bleed really bad afterwards. Anyone try anal after birth, was it just me and my parts?


Ev - posted on 11/24/2013




There is a reason why the doc says to wait six weeks at minimum. Your body just pushed out a baby which weighed so much and was so large...(insert your child's size in those places in lenght and weight.) This is not a normal daily thing that your body does. Your insides were pushed all over the place to make room for this child you had and its now trying to get back into shape where your organs go back to their original places and the other part of you heals from giving birth. You did not say if you had a vaginal birth or a C-section. But either way, when the doc says to wait a certain amount of time that is what you should be doing. As for the bleeding after having a baby, that is different for women as each woman is different but the doctors still say to wait because your body went through a lot for the last nine months and is now healing. Some do go ahead and have sex before that and are fine but for most its not a good idea.

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