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Chet - posted on 08/19/2013




I agree with other posters that it's an ongoing thing... age appropriate information starting with proper names for body parts. By the time a kid is in the 5 to 7 range I think it's reasonable to have some understanding of the basics of baby making, to know what sex is, etc. A lot of kids in the lower grades of elementary school have some messed up ideas about what things thanks to song lyrics, other kids and adults who just want to avoid the topic. Our kids go to school with a surprising number of kids who thing sex is a bad word.

Sarah - posted on 08/17/2013




Yes, I agree with what others have been saying it being done right from the start starting with talking about body parts and then grows as the child gets older. It should be an ongoing conversation that does not really ever end....I still talk to my mom about "girl" stuff and I am 38 yrs old. As we age different things happen to our bodies and there are always questions about those changes. I would say around the age of 7 -8 yrs old you want to be talking about showers and the importance of keeping yourself clean. Some girls will be needing to wear deodorant around that age also. At around 9-10 you will want to talk about breasts forming and periods......some girls are getting their periods at age 9 yrs old. You want to prepare you daughter for the changes that will be happening to her body, so you will want to talk about these changes before they happen. Then around the age of 12-13 yrs starts the talk about hormones, acne and sex....unless they have asked sooner. If they are asking the question that means they are ready for the answer. The nice thing is when you talk to her about these things you can explain things and also approach it with your beliefs and values about sex prior to marriage. If you are open and honest with her and have an open and ONGOING conversation then it allows her to feel open and honest with you. Not that she will be totally open and honest (what teenage is?!) but she will know that she can come to you if she has a question or a concern. Approach talking to her as any other topic you would talk to her about. Talking about how the body develops and sex should not be an embarrassing subject or one that is avoided as this will then make her feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk to you about it and will most likely go to others for advise or not ask advise at all.

Jodi - posted on 08/17/2013




I agree with Dove. Sex Education is an ongoing conversation, not just having a talk about sex. Does my 8 year old know about sex yet? Well, she knows adults have sex, but she doesn't know what it truly is, or what it is for. She hasn't asked yet, but it is a conversation we will have in the near future. She knows a lot of the information about how our bodies grow when we get older, some of the changes we go through. She doesn't know this because I actually sat down and had a talk to her, she knows this because we have ongoing discussions whenever she has a question, or expresses herself about something. It is a very gradual process, and I have nurtured an environment where our conversations can be open, and there is no such thing as an embarrassing or wrong question.

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