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Hey Ladies,

I have been working under a CPA for about a year. It has been extremely tense in the office for about two weeks. Yesterday, my coworker confided in me that she has been sleeping with the boss (after I leave, in the office) for 8 years, and that she has decided to end it which has been the cause of the tension in the office. My boss and coworker are 62 and 65, respectively. Since then, I obviously, have lost all respect for my boss, but am looking back on the last two weeks. I have been harassed previously, so any touch puts me on edge. He's been touching my shoulder and my hand. Not a big deal, previously, but I don't want to be put into any position like that. I have thought about addressing it forthright, but at the same time, I am not a forward person so that would make it extremely difficult. Also, he doesn't know that I know about the relationship in the office, which I don't know that I should even say anything at all.

So, what do y'all think? Bear in mind, this is a part time position that pays well and I am able to name my hours. I have a baby on the way (due June), so I have been thinking about just finishing through tax season and stopping after that.


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There is no HR department, it is the boss, the coworker and I that work there. He is self employed (and therefore has no direct supervisor).

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Any unwelcome touch needs to be addressed.

Is there an HR department in the company? If so, approach them with your complaint, and let them handle it. If not, is this person your direct supervisor? Do they have a supervisor that you could meet with?

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