Sexting!! Have you ever had trouble with sexting? With your husband sexting other people? or your kids sexting kids?

Sam - posted on 06/27/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Have you ever been caught sexting? Or gotten into trouble by your S.O because of sexting???


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Tamara - posted on 06/27/2011




Nope, DH isnt very phone savvy so I am sure he don't he gets maybe 6 texts a month and they are lists from me to pick up from the store on his way home.

And with the boys I check phones regularly, they know this its random it could be an hour after the last time. I also explained that they could go to jail as well as have a record forever so they don't.

Amber - posted on 06/27/2011




Nope :)
The only person I "sext" with is my SO...and that's because he got called active duty by the Army and is away from home at the moment. We have special apps on our phones to password protect anything that we send. If you put the wrong password in, it just shows you default photos that we put there for that purpose :)
Long distance sucks. Is it January yet?

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