Sexual Harassment..Legal question?

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If a boss and his secretary were to have an affair for like...around two years....and then they "broke up" can she go to their corporate home office and file a complaint for him sexually harassing her? I mean, she wasn't HARASSED in any way...she had an AFFAIR. There are pictures, letters, emails, text messages that go back two years. Can she go to corporate and get him fired for HARASSING her? Was she harassed?
The way I see it...she was a willing party. She PUT herself here..she encouraged the relationship. They even went on about being in LOVE. Now that she's mad, can she go to corporate and call the entire relationship harassment?
Is this legal? It sort of feels like entrapment...she started the relationship..and as soon as he tried to end it she started screaming sexual harassment.

ps...irrelevant really, but they are both married..and not to each other.


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I don't know the legalities, but I agree w/ Laura. That would be one of the reasons to stay away from 'office romance'. It can be too risky for both partners.

On an additional note.... since they are both still married and this went on for TWO YEARS.... they both pretty much deserve whatever trouble they get (assuming it was entirely consensual on both parts).

Louise - posted on 04/19/2011




I think this is dodgy ground. Do you really think the woman would be stupid enough to expose the affair to her husband and then scream sexual harrassment to her employer and his wife. People that have affairs make me sick any way so I have no sympathy for either of them but I do for the innocent parties her the husband the wife and the employers.

I know that in the UK if the affair had been going on for two years and there was all the evidence you mentioned there would be no case for harrassment. But if you are in the states it is down to who has the better lawyer.

Christy - posted on 04/19/2011




I dunno. Does the company allow for relationships between bosses and their subordinates at all? If not he can get fired and her, too.

Isobel - posted on 04/19/2011




I could be wrong, but I don't think it matters if she consented because he's in a position of power over her. It's too easy for any boss to say "she wanted to have an affair".

It's entirely possible that she felt that it would be impossible to advance in her job if she didn't keep him "happy".

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